About Studio FIVE (Company) – Studio FIVE’s goal is to provide a Fully Immersed  Virtual Experience with the latest up to date equipment; within training, education, team building and entertainment / gaming in a fun filled environment. With over 6000 sq ft, we have a party room and our experience room (Where all the VR equipment is located). Our VR Experience Room can host up to 16 people all on VR Equipment at one time. There is a lounge area to sit and mingle with friends while waiting on your play time or if a break is needed. With the equipment we have the opportunities are endless. We are providing experiences that permits companies to take team building to new level, education, educational field trips, sports training, allowing more interactive game play, birthday parties, escape rooms, and much more. We are excited to help first responders (police and fire), public service companies, military, and people in general. We would love to introduce anyone or any company to Virtual Reality and how we can benefit you and / or your company. Our end goal is to provide education and training from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday – Friday then provide entertainment from 4:00pm-10:00pm Monday – Friday and 10:00am-10:00pm on the weekends. Please visit our website to schedule to resuerve your bookings. Please reach out via email for any interest in training and education. 


How it all started

About US (Ownership) - A mother / son team from Kansas City with different backgrounds coming together to offer the community something totally different and ahead of our time. With Kim’s background being a local Fire Fighter and Joe’s background being in construction, they couldn’t have a more different perspective on Virtual Reality. What they do have in common through this advanced technology are the endless amount of ways in which VR can be used to assist the community in education and training. Their passion for helping others has been taken to the next level.  The new era of virtual reality training  is becoming more and more available everyday. VR  training already exists in the health care field, Public service entities (fire & police), military, PTSD therapy, physical therapy solutions, construction safety training, public education, and much more! While their heart is in the training and education area of their new facility, they are also excited to offer new top of the line entertainment and gaming!