VR & AR resources

Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

access to over 1000
AR and VR resources

Virtual Reality Learning Resources

Packed full of engaging VR, 360 content and educational resources to make any lesson in your classroom immersive.

Augmented Reality Learning Resources

We offer a unique augmented reality experience through our built-in application, ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom), where an animated 3D visual of the printed materials can be viewed via our headsets.

Explorable Virtual Reality Scenes

Our explorable VR scenes provide a truly immersive learning experience where students can move around different scenes whilst learning and researching, like they would in the metaverse!

What’s Included

  • 1000s of UK curriculum and US state standards aligned content and resources.
  • Downloadable structured lesson plans
  • Ability to create and upload your own content
  • Engaging 360 images and videos, 3D models and explorable VR content

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