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Kansas City's StudioFive VR offers the World's Most Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for Education and Training

Kansas City, MO – StudioFive VR, a virtual reality content and management solutions company, is proud to offer the world’s most immersive virtual reality experience for education and training. With their extensive experience and the latest VR technology, StudioFive VR can transform people’s lives into magical immersive experiences.

Kansas City’s StudioFive VR offers the World’s Most Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for Education and Training


Founded by a mother-son team from Kansas City with different backgrounds, StudioFive VR is excited to offer the community something completely new and ahead of its time. With Kim’s background as a local firefighter and Joe’s background in construction, they have unique perspectives on virtual reality. Through this advanced technology, however, they share a passion for assisting the community in education and training.

StudioFive VR’s new facility is focused on training and education, but they also offer top-of-the-line entertainment and gaming. The company is excited to offer over 50 VR games in partnership with ARVI.

The company is primarily focused on healthcare, education and training, training content, therapy, tourism, and retirement communities. The team at StudioFive VR believes that virtual reality can create unforgettable educational experiences for people of all ages.

According to Joe, “Virtual reality education will change how we learn and teach. That’s why we’re one of the top 10 best virtual reality hubs in Kansas City, Missouri.” StudioFive VR believes that virtual reality can enhance learning experiences and transform education by providing unique and engaging opportunities for students.

The company’s VR training solutions allow businesses to train their employees in a simulated environment, which can help them learn more quickly and effectively. With virtual reality technology, healthcare professionals can create virtual patient simulations to train students, and therapists can create immersive therapy experiences to help patients with PTSD and other conditions.

StudioFive VR’s mission is to create, learn, and collaborate with immersive technology. The company is committed to offering the most immersive virtual reality experiences possible to help people learn, grow, and transform their lives.

To learn more about StudioFive VR and their virtual reality solutions for education and training, please visit their website at http://i6i.9f4.myftpupload.com

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